05 Aug

Brazil Economy – The Engine that Can

Brazil Economy – The Engine that Can

Dear Gentle Reader, Hope this latest entry finds you well. We recently had the first COPOM meeting of the Brazilian Central Bank under the new management of IlanGoldfajn. Say that name 10x fast. Surprise, surprise no change!!!! Steady as she goes at 14,25%. In the monthly write up, the COPOM committee mentions that it appears […]

12 Jul

Doing Business in Brazil 101 – Accounts Receivables

starting business in brazil

Dear Gentle Readers, Well another week in Paradise. The brief winter break is upon us, kids are out of school and traffic is flowing like greased lightning around town. It’s wonderful. Eduardo Cunha finally admitted the inevitable and resigned from his post as Speaker of the Lower House. He is still trying to hang on […]

06 Jul

Doing Business in Brazil 101 – Accounts Payables

starting business in brazil

Dear Gentle Reader, Today’s post is another in the series of Doing Business in Brazil 101 and focuses on Accounts Payables,or put another way, paying your bills. Not as much fun as Accounts Receivables, but it’s still important and has to get done. Accounts Payables (AP) is a foundation of business accounting, and Brazil has […]

27 Jun

Doing Business in Brazil 101 – Holidays and Vacation


Dear Gentle Reader, In this next article of the Doing Business in Brazil 101 series, I thought we would look at the typical Brazilian work calendar.  In general terms, there are a few more holidays per year compared to North America, and vacation time is bit more restrictive in how it’s used because of the Brazilian […]

06 Apr

Dress for Success! A Guide to Brazilian Business Attire

Dear Gentle Reader, Hope this post finds everyone well. As part of the Doing Business in Brazil 101 series, today I thought we would have a brief discussion on the usual business attire. As usual, there is lots of subjectivity in this topic, but its importance should not be understated. We will be talking generalities, […]

23 Feb

Where Does Brazil Fit in the World in Terms of Exports and Imports of Goods and Services?

I was reading an interesting article about “Unlocking Brazil’s Long-Term Growth Potential” in the Financialist, which is a great newsletter from Credit Suisse. It is a really succinct, intelligent article about some things that came out of the their 2016 Latin America Investment Conference in São Paulo. It got me thinking about what can be […]

16 Feb

Brazil FDI Shows Smart Money Moving the Other Way. Start of a Trend?

Dear Gentle Readers, Happy last week of January for you all. I hope this first month of 2016 has been wonderful. My family just came back from São Paulo and while the kids are sad it’s the end of the summer, they have been traveling for almost 2 months so good to be home! I’m […]

01 Feb

Inflation Fun in Brazil

Dear Gentle Readers, The Brazilian Central Bank (BCB) just came out with their December 2015 inflation report on Friday, and it got me all bothered to the point where I just had to put pen to paper. As a precursor, one of the BCB’s stated principal goals is to maintain a low and stable inflation […]

28 Jan

The Top 8 Most Powerful Business Women Brazil

Dear Gentle Readers, Savvy businessmen have been riding the Brazilian economic wave for years now. But what about the women? Is there room for powerful business women in Brazil’s macho culture? In short, yes. Increasingly Brazilian women are joining the big boys as presidents, CEOs and entrepreneurs, and seeing great results too. Here are just […]

02 Dec

New Logo. New Site. Still Brasil Insight.

Dear Friends,

We are beyond delighted to announce the launch of our updated & improved website with a bold new look, fresh logo and enhanced navigational experience. At the end of the day, we want the website to serve as an interactive platform to educate, create value and improve the flow of quality information for our existing and future clients. In the months that come, you will see a steady flow of additional content, information and news being posted regularly along with announcements for upcoming events. Our goal is to make it a fun, interactive web experience with a free flow of relevant information, while hopefully putting a smile on your face.

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