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30 Sep

Top 10 US Companies Doing Business in Brazil

us companies in brazil

Dear Gentle Readers,

Brazil is an economic force that is here to stay.

It will continue to be the predominant investment destination in Latin America with above average growth and strong ROI. The strong headwinds and short term challenges due to political turmoil and economic challenges are an opportunity to get good value at reasonable prices.

The historic exchange rates don’t hurt either. There are great companies and investment opportunities with good management and strong returns. The baby is getting thrown out with the bathwater.

Brazil has attracted large investments from all over the globe. US companies as disparate as Walmart and General Electric have already taken the plunge into Brazil, and it’s clear why—they believe in the long term viability of the market and stand to make a ton of money.

In spite of the short term adjustments that are being made, they are in it for the long haul.

05 Aug

Brazil Economy – The Engine that Can

Brazil Economy – The Engine that Can

Dear Gentle Reader, Hope this latest entry finds you well. We recently had the first COPOM meeting of the Brazilian Central Bank under the new management of IlanGoldfajn. Say that name 10x fast. Surprise, surprise no change!!!! Steady as she goes at 14,25%. In the monthly write up, the COPOM committee mentions that it appears […]

06 Jul

Doing Business in Brazil 101 – Accounts Payables

starting business in brazil

Dear Gentle Reader, Today’s post is another in the series of Doing Business in Brazil 101 and focuses on Accounts Payables,or put another way, paying your bills. Not as much fun as Accounts Receivables, but it’s still important and has to get done. Accounts Payables (AP) is a foundation of business accounting, and Brazil has […]

27 Jun

Doing Business in Brazil 101 – Holidays and Vacation


Dear Gentle Reader, In this next article of the Doing Business in Brazil 101 series, I thought we would look at the typical Brazilian work calendar.  In general terms, there are a few more holidays per year compared to North America, and vacation time is bit more restrictive in how it’s used because of the Brazilian […]

14 Jun

Glass Houses and The Current Brazilian Political Situation

Brazilian Political Situation

Dear Gentle Readers, We happen to be in interesting times in Brazil, as the Chinese proverb goes. We are coming up on the 1 month anniversary of the approval of the impeachment trial, and I thought it would be interesting to take a look back and take stock of where we are. The same refrain […]

07 Apr

The Top 10 Asian Companies Doing Business In Brazil

Top 10 Asian Success Companies in Brazil

Dear Gentle Reader, What a week, and it’s only Thursday. I’m going to stand on my pork barrel in the town square and rant for a just few lines because I can. I am just amazed at the level of division and dissension being expressed in this year’s politics & election cycle. The negative campaigning […]

06 Apr

Dress for Success! A Guide to Brazilian Business Attire

Dear Gentle Reader, Hope this post finds everyone well. As part of the Doing Business in Brazil 101 series, today I thought we would have a brief discussion on the usual business attire. As usual, there is lots of subjectivity in this topic, but its importance should not be understated. We will be talking generalities, […]

31 Mar

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Office Space in Brazil

Complete Guide to Find Best Office Space Location in Brazil

Dear Gentle Readers, Lots going on and great loads in the news. President Dilma vows to not resign because as she puts it “I have committed no crime that would warrant shortening my term.” Now I’m no spin doctor, but that is not a great way to start a conversation about categorically denying you have […]

28 Mar

The Top 10 European Companies Doing Business In Brazil

Dear Gentle Reader Hope this latest edition finds you well. Lots going on and lots of Brazil in the news these days, principally related to former President Lula making a return to center stage as President Dilma`s new chief of staff. A million people took to the streets this last weekend in protest against the […]

22 Mar

How to Open A Bank Account in Brazil

Dear Gentle Reader,

Today I wanted to focus on the first of another series that I`m calling Doing Business in Brazil 101. Hear the words banking and Brazil in the same phrase, and it`s kind of like thinking about getting a cavity filled or finger nails scraped across the chalkboard. I also recognize that chalkboards don’t exist anymore and many of you have never had that experience. But regardless, like anywhere in the world, banking in Brazil is a necessary evil.

Im not going to lie to you – banking in Brazil is about as fun as a sharp stick in the eye. But if you want to do business in Brazil, standup my friend and take it like a (wo)man! Look at it as the challenge that it is, and when the first of the many millions that will flow into your account start pouring in, enjoy a nice dinner and a glass of wine with a deep sense of satisfaction because you earned it.

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