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05 Aug

Brazil Economy – The Engine that Can

Brazil Economy – The Engine that Can

Dear Gentle Reader, Hope this latest entry finds you well. We recently had the first COPOM meeting of the Brazilian Central Bank under the new management of IlanGoldfajn. Say that name 10x fast. Surprise, surprise no change!!!! Steady as she goes at 14,25%. In the monthly write up, the COPOM committee mentions that it appears […]

26 Feb

The Future of the Brazilian Economy: 9 Reasons to Get in Now

Brazil economy

Dear Friends, It’s fun to make sweeping predictions about the state of Brazil’s economy, especially in this market. And there are usually two camps of people making those predictions—doom and gloom analysts who cry about the sky falling and the economic samba coming to a close, and folks on the opposite end of the spectrum […]

16 Feb

Brazil FDI Shows Smart Money Moving the Other Way. Start of a Trend?

Dear Gentle Readers, Happy last week of January for you all. I hope this first month of 2016 has been wonderful. My family just came back from São Paulo and while the kids are sad it’s the end of the summer, they have been traveling for almost 2 months so good to be home! I’m […]

05 Feb

5 Ways the World Cup Improved the Brazilian Economy

Brazilian economy

The World Cup is so much more than soccer. For the host country, preparing for the event takes years. Roads need to be built, cell networks expanded, and stadiums remodeled. Often the countries best able to take advantage of the Cup’s economic boost are already developed—that is, they already possess the infrastructure to support the […]

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