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Meet Richard Pearce — The Brazilian Market Expert

Richard has helped over 40 businesses grow in 17 Brazilian states.

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About Richard

Bom dia! My name is Richard Pearce, and I’m an entrepreneur and founding partner of Brasil Insight Capital (BIC). BIC is a boutique consulting and investment company focused on helping international companies intelligently establish operations or find investment opportunities in Brazil, as well helping Brazilian companies find international partners.

For the past decade I have been helping international companies understand what Brazil is and isn’t and successfully establish a presence or find investment opportunities in this dynamic marketplace. I’ve helped over 40 businesses in 17 Brazilian states and have an insider’s understanding of how to successfully establish, operate and grow a company. I’d love to hear more about your goals and objectives in Brazil.

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Services that Will Ensure Your Business Success in Brazil

Corporate Support

Brazil is a dynamic, complex and bureaucratic business environment to establish a presence and then effectively operate and grow. We help our clients by helping formulate a plan for entering the market and then facilitating the set-up and running of operations, if desired.
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Technical & Project Support

Advancing projects and asset development requires technical expertise and a solid, proactive approach to ensure success. We can help identify the qualified firms experienced in the marketplace along with appropriate strategies to ensure goals and schedules are met.
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Owners Advisory Services

Owners face a myriad of choices and decisions involving a broad range of technical, financial and legal matters that need to be made in a timely, practical and judicious manner. We provide a wealth of international and local experience that can be used to help shape these decisions and ensure company’s goals are advanced successfully.
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Asset Evaluation & Development

Value is always a relative process highly dependent on a myriad of factors including the correct evaluation or context of place and time. Regardless of where you are in the asset evaluation and development cycle, we can help interested parties identify and screen potential targets and put in place a high-level plan.
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Financial Structuring & Advisory

We work with our clients to develop in-country and international financing strategies that make sense not only today, but into the future. Each project, asset or company is unique. We work hard to listen and understand client goals and objectives, and then develop appropriate financing strategies to meet those goals throughout the desired cycle, be it acquisition, operations and/or divestitures.
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Brazil Country Research

Brazil is a wonderful, dynamic place to live and work. Companies need to understand the political, economic and business realities so that proactive planning and sound strategies can be developed to help ensure success while decreasing the overall risk profile.
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